Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yummy Recipe

 I'm always on the hunt for yummy easy recipes that
are waist line friendly, and this one is a favorite!
Start with the bell peppers

Then cook the filling

Then put the two together!
A yummy light summer meal!
*The only things I changed from the original recipe:
I left out the green onions &
I used low fat cheese
*You could also add meat, like maybe ground turkey,
but I think they are yummy as is!!

Random pics...

 Lots of weddings and receptions lately!


 Cecily got married and she looked amazing!
 Linds and her have been best friends since forever, 
boy do I have a lot of dirt on these two!!

 Lauren, of how we love her!

 We have started to swim a little, still to cold for me
but the kiddos like it!

 Doing what a 2 year old does best, make messes!

 Doing what we do best, laying around and being silly!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend with the kiddos

 A couple weekends ago we watched the kids for two nights,
while Lindsay and Dano took a much needed kid free weekend!
I had lots of fun things planned, but we didn't end up doing any
of it! I think auntie was feeling rather lazy, so we ended up
playing at home, watching movies, and making lots of messes!
(glad we weren't at my house!)

here is how the weekend went down...
Navy had a nutritious dinner, aka a Happy Meal.
Which won me the most favorite award! She kept
saying Happy Meal all the way their.

 Lots of baths, they somehow still get dirty when you stay at home!

 Lots of playing with Wy Wy, as Navy calls him.
And of course naps, who doesn't love nap time!

 Navy wanted crackers and decided to crunch them all
over the bed. That night we slept on cracker crumbs.
Oops forget to clean them up!

I love in the mornings when the kids wake up,
they are so happy and Navy has some rockin bed head!
We love watching these sweet kiddos. They are so much
fun and love them to pieces!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am so grateful for my mom! She is the kindest, prettiest,
hard working, and most giving person I know! She is 
constantly doing so much for me and I am so blessed to
have her as my mom! I love her so much!
To my sister, who beat me and being a mom first,
I look up to her in so many ways and hope to 
be as could a mom as she is!! Love you!
And I can't forget my mother in law who raised
ten kids practically all on her own, she is amazing! 

Happy Mother's Day to all the
moms out there!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Fun!

We had a week full of Easter festivities! The Sunday before we
had the Wells family party and like always, it was tons
of fun and I ate too much! Navy, Lily, and Nevaeh
were big enough to really get into finding the Easter eggs! 
They were so cute to watch!

Then that next weekend we had a Easter bbq with my dad.
And once again ate too much!

Then on Saturday we spent the afternoon with Wyatt's
family. I brought some cupcakes that I think were a hit!
The kids had a big Easter egg hunt! I don't think I have ever
seen so many kids running around looking for eggs!! There
were a few golden eggs with money inside and two 
of the little girls found them!! Impressive cause they were
in some crazy hiding spots!!

With so many parties before, the actual holiday was
low key! I loved it, we didn't do anything but go to church,
hang out with family, and be lazy all day!! I loved not having
to cram everything into one day!!
The kiddos in their Easter outfits! Cute!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring time!

I love this time of year! And I am especially loving
all my flowers & plants that are blooming!

Gardening has become quite a hobby for me lately. 
I really enjoy it! You can usually find me, linds, and
my mom dragging two kids to Home Depot and
A & P at least once a week! It's ridiculous!

Thanks goes to my mama, she knows everything about gardening!
If you know her, her yard always looks fab!!
My little rose garden, they are blooming like crazy!!
Hopefully the hot weather won't be here to soon
so I can enjoy my flowers for a little while longer!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


 Waiting for the airplane

We have a lot of January birthdays in my family and thought
it would be fun to take a little vacation to Disneyland
to celebrate! We flew out early Thursday morning
and came back Saturday night. It was a quick
trip but tons of fun!
Little buddies!

Day One...

We picked a great time to go to Disneyland! There were
practically no lines! I think the longest we waited in line
was 15 minutes! Since this was Navy's first time
at Disneyland, we were all so excited to
see how she would react to everything! She loved
it and both kids were so good!

Navy loves Winnie the Pooh! Ryder called
dibs on taking her on the Pooh ride!
I'm pretty sure she was in heaven!

 Yes, this is four guys riding the tea cups...

 Nana and Navs
 I love this pic!

 Day Two...
We spent two days at the parks and 
did just about everything! 

Um no comments on this pic!

This is my favorite pic! Navy meeting Mickey!
She calls him Mouse! Too cute!

Ryder and Trent are so cute with Navs.
 Such good uncles!! She loves them!!
This is the only pic of us! Haha!
I was too busy taking pics of everyone else!
I have been to Disneyland a million times
and it never gets old! Until next time!