Sunday, February 6, 2011


 Waiting for the airplane

We have a lot of January birthdays in my family and thought
it would be fun to take a little vacation to Disneyland
to celebrate! We flew out early Thursday morning
and came back Saturday night. It was a quick
trip but tons of fun!
Little buddies!

Day One...

We picked a great time to go to Disneyland! There were
practically no lines! I think the longest we waited in line
was 15 minutes! Since this was Navy's first time
at Disneyland, we were all so excited to
see how she would react to everything! She loved
it and both kids were so good!

Navy loves Winnie the Pooh! Ryder called
dibs on taking her on the Pooh ride!
I'm pretty sure she was in heaven!

 Yes, this is four guys riding the tea cups...

 Nana and Navs
 I love this pic!

 Day Two...
We spent two days at the parks and 
did just about everything! 

Um no comments on this pic!

This is my favorite pic! Navy meeting Mickey!
She calls him Mouse! Too cute!

Ryder and Trent are so cute with Navs.
 Such good uncles!! She loves them!!
This is the only pic of us! Haha!
I was too busy taking pics of everyone else!
I have been to Disneyland a million times
and it never gets old! Until next time!


Rhonda said...

FUN!!!!!! All the pics were so cute! Especially of the darling littles!

Eeven if you only got one of the 2 of you, at least it was a really good one!

Jensen Family said...

so fun! this makes me want to go!

Nicole... given said...

oh my gosh i love love love disneyland