Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Fun!

We had a week full of Easter festivities! The Sunday before we
had the Wells family party and like always, it was tons
of fun and I ate too much! Navy, Lily, and Nevaeh
were big enough to really get into finding the Easter eggs! 
They were so cute to watch!

Then that next weekend we had a Easter bbq with my dad.
And once again ate too much!

Then on Saturday we spent the afternoon with Wyatt's
family. I brought some cupcakes that I think were a hit!
The kids had a big Easter egg hunt! I don't think I have ever
seen so many kids running around looking for eggs!! There
were a few golden eggs with money inside and two 
of the little girls found them!! Impressive cause they were
in some crazy hiding spots!!

With so many parties before, the actual holiday was
low key! I loved it, we didn't do anything but go to church,
hang out with family, and be lazy all day!! I loved not having
to cram everything into one day!!
The kiddos in their Easter outfits! Cute!!

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Lindsay said...

Aww so fun!!! Your cupcakes looked delicious! Can you make me some for breakfast right now please?!