Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend with the kiddos

 A couple weekends ago we watched the kids for two nights,
while Lindsay and Dano took a much needed kid free weekend!
I had lots of fun things planned, but we didn't end up doing any
of it! I think auntie was feeling rather lazy, so we ended up
playing at home, watching movies, and making lots of messes!
(glad we weren't at my house!)

here is how the weekend went down...
Navy had a nutritious dinner, aka a Happy Meal.
Which won me the most favorite award! She kept
saying Happy Meal all the way their.

 Lots of baths, they somehow still get dirty when you stay at home!

 Lots of playing with Wy Wy, as Navy calls him.
And of course naps, who doesn't love nap time!

 Navy wanted crackers and decided to crunch them all
over the bed. That night we slept on cracker crumbs.
Oops forget to clean them up!

I love in the mornings when the kids wake up,
they are so happy and Navy has some rockin bed head!
We love watching these sweet kiddos. They are so much
fun and love them to pieces!!

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Lindsay Shreeve said...

You guys are the best ever! I can't thank you enough for all that you do for us! We love you!!