Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Backyard is Done!!

So Wyatt said he took before pictures but I
really think he forget too because I can't find any!
So, let me just say that when we moved in the
backyard was butt ugly!! It was pretty much
dirt, pool, and a couple palm trees!

Wyatt really did so much! He laid all the borders
and did all the drip and sprinkler system.
I am so lucky he is quite the handy guy!
We did hire someone to built us a pool fence
and two new side gates.

If any of you know my mom she is an amazing
gardener! She seriously knows so much and
I couldn't have done any of it without her!
Lindsay did her yard at the same time, so us three
girls had lots of fun planting together, laughing, and
watching Navy eat rocks and dirt!

This slab of cement had an ugly old shed on it
that we got rid of and I turned it into a cute sitting area!
I love it!

Some views around the pool. I put up some tiki torches around the pool.
They look really cool lit up at night. Bring on the summer pool parties!!

I copied my mom and hung these lanterns
over my patio table and I think they are super cute!

I am so happy that it is done! Although I guess
its never really done, there is always something to do!
After working in the yard so much I discovered I really
enjoy it and it has kind of become my new hobby!
I told Wyatt I will plant the flowers but I won't mow the grass!!
That is fair right!!

Now we have to tackle the front yard!
It is hideous! Stay tuned...


Sparrow said...

i am so glad to see what you two have done!!! it looks amazing! it looks so lush and green. i bet it's gorgeous at night, all lit up. i can't wait to see your home!

miss you!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful! The tiki torches remind me of grandma Wells. She loved her some tiki torches! Can't wait to be invited to the summer parties!!

Moore is better! said...

Oh Megan, it is sooo beautiful! I am super jealous!

Alexa Mae said...

oh my gosh! it is amazing!! it makes me want to go swimming right now. good job girl!

lindsey said...

Wow it looks awesome! I love your sitting area and the laterns above the the table. Great touch!!

Lindsay said...

Hahaha the front yard will be such a grand adventure! It looks fabuloso!!!

Melissa said...

GREAT JOB WYATT!!! Now we cant wait for a pool PARTY!!!

Cody and Lexie said...

That looks awesome you guys...we are ready for a pool party!! Wyatt - Cody says come on over and help him do our yard!!

Rhonda said...

LOVE it! it looks so good! I hate my backyard. I would love to copy the lantern idea (I actually have some that was for that purpose) but I never hung them because I moved the table. Oh well.

Darcel said...

It's perfect! Are you ready for the front yard? My shovel's in my trunk ready to go to work :D